Konso People – Ethiopia


Although less celebrated than the colourful Ethnic groups of South Omo Valley of Ethiopia, Konso must rank among the most astounding Ethiopian indigenous people. Mixed agriculturalists, the konso make the most of the hard, rocky slopes that characterise the relatively dry and infertile homeland through a combination of extensive rock terracing, the use of animal dung as fertiliser, crop rotation and hard work.
The most outwardly distinctive feature of konso country is the aesthetically pleasing towns and villages.
Every village consists of a number of sub communities, each of which is centred upon Morra or communal house. This is a tall building with an open sided ground floor supported by Juniper trunks, and a sharply angled thatched roof covering and a wooden ceiling. The ground floor serves as a shaded place where villagers – men, boys and girls, but not grown women – can relax, gossip, play and make important communal decisions.



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