Koh Chang (Elephant Island) Thailand Travel Vlog- Beach Sunset, Fisherman's Village, Mangrove Forest

In this Thailand Travel Vlog we head to Koh Chang – an island in the east of Thailand close to the border of Cambodia! Koh Chang is the third largest island in Thailand (behind Phuket and Koh Samui), but it is much less developed than the other two. Over 50% of the island is covered in jungle!
We started our trip taking a bus from Bangkok to Trat where we stayed overnight. We were able to get up early and take a songthaew from Trat to the ferry. We ended up being on the WETTEST FERRY EVER!!! It was crazy! Once we arrived in Koh Chang we were able to take another Songthaew to our cheap beach bungalow. Luckily it only rained on and off so we were still able to explore lots of the island! We saw the Fisherman’s Village – Ban Bang Bao – at the very south of the island. We then went up to Lonely Beach which is a popular place for backpackers. After stopping at the Kai Bae Viewpoint we finished the night watching the sunset on the beach next to our bungalow!
The next day we went to the east side of Koh Chang. We really wanted to do a boat tour at Salak Kok…..however that didn’t work out. Let us know if you’ve ever taken a boat there though because it looked SO cool! We did have fun exploring Red Bridge down in the Mangrove Forest! We were so lucky to be able to see the mangrove forest in the sunshine too!
There is so much more to do on Koh Chang, such as exploring the many waterfalls, however we didn’t have time (or the right weather) to do everything we wanted. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!

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00:41 Rainy songthaew from Trat to the Centre Point Ferry
01:08 the Centre Point Ferry to Koh Chang
01:51 Rainiest Ferry Ever!!!
02:27 Arriving on Koh Chang
02:55 Songthaew from the Ferry to our Hotel
03:12 Map of Koh Chang
03:34 Tour of our Patoo Beach Bungalow
04:14 Bread Box Bakery
04:54 Thai Massages on Koh Chang
05:51 The Craziest Road in Thailand!!!
06:23 Ban Bang Bao Fishing Village on Koh Chang
08:08 Lighthouse on Koh Chang
09:42 Lonely Beach on Koh Chang
12:02 Kai Bae Viewpoint on Koh Chang
13:14 Beach Sunset on Koh Chang
14:17 The Next Morning
15:03 Thai Fruit for Breakfast
15:49 Driving the East Coast of Koh Chang
16:10 Arriving at Salak Kok Boat Tour
17:13 Salak Phet Mangrove Forest (Red Bridge)
19:40 Mangrove Forest from Above!
20:34 Eating Thai Food (Fat Noodles)
21:41 What the Salak Kok Boat Tour Looks Like
22:03 Elephants on Koh Chang
22:42 Our Last Beach Sunset on Koh Chang
23:36 Ferry Koh Chang to Trat

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