Karnataka: Colleges will Start from 1st October

Karnataka Deputy CM & Higher Education Minister Dr Ashwath Narayana CN announced on 26th August, that offline classes will start from 1st October in all colleges. For degree courses, colleges will start from 1st September. These classes will be held online. He said that all precautionary measures that have been prescribed by the Central Government will be followed. Final year examinations will be scheduled for undergraduate, diploma, engineering students once the colleges start. Narayana also said that they are reopening colleges because they want to ensure a bright future for their students.

Karnataka’s decision to start colleges comes at a time when everyone is protesting against the JEE & NEET exams and demanding its postponement. Narayana criticized those who are demanding postponement of JEE & NEET exams. He said, “People are working, economies are opening. Karnataka has successfully held the CET examinations during the COVID-19 outbreak.” As of 26th August, Karnataka had 2,91,326 covid cases. It is India’s 3rd worst affected state. There were 4,958 deaths. However, 2 lakh patients have recovered from Coronavirus.

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