Jeff Bezos' *NEW* Real Estate Investment Platform is INSANE

Jeff Bezos' *NEW* Real Estate Investment Platform is INSANE

This could change everything we know about residential real estate.. Add me on insta @thisisjohnwilliams

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Jeff Bezos’ has invested in a real estate business called arrived homes. This real estate business will buy single family properties across the country and list these properties for rent. They will then facilitate a strategy very similar to what private companies do when they go public. When they do their initial public offering these companies will sell shares of the company to the general public for small amounts. Arrived homes is selling shares in these properties for as little as $10 dollars. This will allow them to raise unlimited capital. I believe Jeff Bezos is doing this because he wants the world on subscription through amazon prime, rent and everything else. Jeff Bezos is partnering with others on this venture such as the CEO of Zillow, CEO of Salesforce and the CEO of Uber. These companies have a lot of data and a lot of money.

I believe that this company will be extremely successful.


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