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“Watch this video in Marathi to get a clear understanding about equity mutual funds.
Equity mutual funds majorly invest in equity related instruments of companies for capital appreciation. These funds are best suited for investors with a long term investment horizon. Visit SBI Mutual Fund to invest in equity mutual funds –

Below are the ways on how to deal with volatility of equity mutual funds:

1. Focus on the long term – Based on the past performance, SBI Fund Guru advises to invest in equity mutual funds for a long term which evens out short-term volatility

2. Buy more when the market falls – It is advisable to accumulate more stocks when the market falls instead of selling your existing stocks at a loss. As the market trend is ever changing and with the turnaround in the overall market, the performance of these stocks will also improve

3. Time in the Market – In the equity market, investors undertake buying and selling of stocks by predicting the future price movement. Instead SBI Fund Guru recommends you to spend more time in the market to get better results

4. Diversify your portfolio – The performance of different sectors varies across time, therefore investors should diversify across stocks and sectors to optimize gains and limit the downside. Diversification should be in line with the risk profile, investment horizon, returns expectations and ongoing market conditions

5. Subscribe to equity mutual funds – Equity mutual funds have variants catering to different risk appetites and they offer perks of convenience, liquidity, tax efficiency, diversification and professional management

6. SIP – You can invest in equity mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIPs, which allow pre-defined fixed investments at regular intervals, encourage disciplined investment and limit the risk of investing in a volatile asset class

Visit SBI Fund Guru for more details on how to survive equity roller coaster –

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