Introduction to Warrants

There are numerous leveraged financial products in the market. Warrants are one of them.

There are two different kinds of warrants. One is issued by the company called warrants; while the other one is issued by third party financial intermediaries called structured warrants. Both kinds share certain similarities; while they are also different in the mechanism.

If you get the market direction right, warrants can deliver you huge gain in a short period of time with minimal capital outlay. On the contrary, warrants can also destroy your equity fast if you get the market direction wrong. It is certainly an investing instrument that require great understanding before you blindly trade them.

Join us in this webinar “Introduction to Warrants” as we invite an analyst from BullBearBursa – Mr. Dibo Chua to share more about how to use warrants effectively.

In this 1.5-hr webinar, you’ll learn:
✅ Learn what are warrants and the types of warrant?
✅ Things you need to know about warrants
✅ How to calculate intrinsic value of a warrant?

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