Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems: Concepts & Applications| Prof. B. Mahadevan| #sangamtalks

Prof B. Mahadevan speaks about the history and contemporary relevance of ancient Indian Knowledge Systems. He speaks with Dr Rinkoo Wadhera on his co-authored book Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems: Concepts and Applications, on the technique of integration of IKS into higher education curricular framework as well as implementing management paradigms from the Bhagvad Gita.

Prof. B. Mahadevan is a professor of Operations Management at IIM Bangalore. He has more than 27 years of experience in teaching, research, consulting, and academic administration at institutions like IIT Delhi and XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Dr Rinkoo Wadhera is an educationist, author and core faculty at CHSR, Sarayu Trust

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Prof B. Mahadevan’s online lectures:

0:00 Introduction of the Speaker and his latest book
2:54 How did the book “Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems: Concepts & Applications” come into being?
6:46 Difference between the terms ‘Indian Knowledge Systems’ and ‘Indian Knowledge Traditions’?
11:56 In a country like Bhārat which had a flourishing writing tradition, why was there so much emphasis on a mnemonic culture and oral tradition of knowledge?
15:40 How valuable is the wealth of knowledge present in the Itihāsās and Darshanas to the modern learner?
20:55 This book is being taught by Prof Mahadevan in IIM-B for UG and PG students, but can it be taught in schools too?
24:40 Fine specimens of mettalurgy are there in Bharāt, please tell us about Wootz steel that was made in Bhārat in the ancient times?
31:35 Does the Indian Knowledge System have any economic value?
35:30 Does IKS as a soft power lend us the potential to become a global superpower?
37:36 Most of our ancient knowledge texts are in Sanskrit, how does today’s generation start off?
41:35 Prof B. Mahadevan’s course on the Bhagvad Gita titled “Management Paradigms from the Bhagvad Gita” in IIM-B
46:09 Are Nāstika Darshanas outside the IKS?
49:56 The caste dimension that impedes the study of IKS in educational institutions?
57:37 Online lectures of Prof B. Mahadevan on Youtube
58.20 Today’s vocational courses or even academic disciplines lack IKS courses. Why so?
1:01:22 What is the low consumption principle in the Jain philosophy?
1:03:58 How critical is the knowledge of Sanskrit for the revival of IKS as a living discipline vs a historic discipline?
1:08:52 Sustainability and conservation efforts are of recent currency and not an ancient philosophy. Is it true?

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