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if you EVER wanna study abroad in korea, watch this video. (mental health, covid, making friends…)

pls do not subscribe thinking i’m going to keep making korea content im literally never talking about this again

0:00 – 0:35 intro
0:36 – 4:45 accommodation! advice? tips? pros + cons?
4:46 – 7:15 how much korean should you learn?
(+am i still studying?)
7:16 – 8:34 do i plan to visit korea again? would i go again?
8:35 – 11:06 what was it like in general? how was my mental state?
11:07 – 12:04 is yonsei competitive?
12:05 – 13:00 any discrimination as a dark skinned black person in korea?
13:01 – 14:53 rigor level of courses at yonsei? + did i communicate in korean or english?
14:54 – 15:08 any language/cultural barriers?
15:09 – 19:55 favorite cafes/places to recommend?
19:56 – 20:32 did i bring my own hair extensions/do my own hair?
20:33 – 20:56 dream housing in korea?
20:57 – 22:43 how much should you save?
22:44 – 23:44 how should you start planning?
23:45 – 25:52 anything important to know before traveling to korea? any tips in general?
25:53 – 26:41 is it worth it studying in korea if u wanna live there / are there job opportunities for foreigners?
26:42 – 27:18 did i get asked if i was a kpop stan?
27:19 – 27:47 any times i was treated differently?
27:48 – 29:37 is it hard to make friends?
29:38 – 30:32 best and worst part of living alone?
30:33 – 31:19 do people stare a lot?
31:20 – 31:42 how do credit cards/money work?
31:47 – 33:50 how does public transport work?
33:51 – 34:51 outro

places mentioned:
eunpyeong hanok village
bukchon hanok village
jeju (udo island!!!!)
dongdaemun book street
nami island
청계천 stream

cafes mentioned:
peach grey
belief coffee roasters
pao book cafe
neol dam (널담은공간)
cafe highwaist
chaegeuro (채그로)
parrot louis
hakrim coffee (학림다방)

gilman scholarship:

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

basic phrases u should definitely know:

apps mentioned:
kakao talk
kakao maps
naver maps

i made a series called “the exchange student diaries” here on my channel vlogging my days juggling classes and life in korea. pls click the link below to start from episode 1 🙂…

ALL of my vlogs in korea are here:

where else to find me:
tiktok: @rights4femcels
ig: @jesycu

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