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I Walk You Into The World – Music Video – Pietro Cottone

I Walk You Into The World is the new single by Pietro Cottone
Music Video directed by Luke Rodriguez and written by Pietro Cottone



Pietro Cottone: producer, composer, lyricist, arranger, electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, fx
Daniel Picknell: lead and backing vocals
Jim Riley: drums
Pietro Loffredo: electric bass guitar
Arcangelo Trabucco: piano
Alessio Di Tonno: electric guitars
Manuel Villar Lifac: cellos and violins
Luca Giacobbe: tubular bells
Simona Capozucco: backing vocals
Martina Mollo: backing vocals
Produced by Pietro Cottone
Mixed and Mastered by Jeremiah Kelly at Undergunned Productions
Konstantin Korotaev: assistant sound engineer
Artwork by Robin and Pietro Cottone

Adult Victor: Grant Sims
Young Victor: Braydon Joseph Ford
Willie: Josiah Samuelu
Tom: Aiden Douglas
Jack: Andrew Cowing
Adam: Zach Juarez
Executive Producer: Pietro Cottone
Directed by Luke Rodriguez
Written by Pietro Cottone
Director of Photography: Luke Rodriguez
1st Assistant Camera: Khala Quaill
Key Grip: Khala Quaill
Production Assistants: Stephanie Sims and Grant Sims
Editors: Luke Rodriguez and Khala Quaill
BLM protest footage from

In this senseless world
Race, skin color, origin, religion
Are the excuse to hate
Are the excuse to discriminate
To frighten, to murder
In this thoughtless world
Not your choice to be thrown here, among us
In this lightless world
Hold my hand, son
Before us the darkness, the nighttime
I walk you into the world
Don’t close your eyes, my son
If out there is frightening
If your heart is breaking
Be strong, I’m here
If the storm is tearing
If your legs are shaking
Be strong, I’m here
I walk you into the world
Don’t leave my hand, my son
In this mindless world
The one thing to remember is
“Stay human”
In this sightless world
Through your clean eyes the hope for
A new sunrise, A new sunshine
I leave you into the world
Love and change this world, my son
Give voice to the voiceless
Give hope to the hopeless
Be spark of change
Break the wall of silence
Fight back hate and violence
Be spark of change
I walk you into the world
Don’t close your eyes, my son
I leave you into the world
Love and change this world, my son .


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