I Survived Depression – My Journey Back To A Happy Life

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Reshma had a tough time growing up. Born and raised in India, she was always moving and changing schools all the time. Finally she enrolled in a big private school, and that’s when the bullying started.

She was overweight and kids made fun of her all the time. This made it really hard for her to fit in, but, she didn’t let it get to her – mainly because she had her Dad, and he was her best friend. They’d ride bikes, and go to bookstores, and spend hours reading together. The time reading with him in quiet places and parks were the best times she had with her Father.

But, unfortunately, those times with her Dad didn’t last too long. When she was in the 4th grade, her Dad passed away. That was the worst moment in her entire life – she lost her Dad, and her best friend.

Her whole life came crashing down on her – she fell apart – she was so young, and so little, and she just didn’t understand what was happening, didn’t know how to go on with her life. And that was when her depression started – she couldn’t find a spark, any happiness, and didn’t see the point in living. She kept on, and the years went by, but the depression and being sad never left her.

Her self-worth dipped really low, and she had suicidal thoughts, and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, her Mom got remarried to an awful man who verbally and emotionally abused her – made things much worse – and then, she hit puberty and her anxiety and depression skyrocketed. She started hanging out with the wrong people and got into drugs.

She felt hopeless and alone, wanted to kill herself, to end it. “I want to kill myself. I want to commit suicide”, she thought. She was so depressed. But – she kept having this fantasy, that kept her going, that she could live a normal life. A vision of having friends, and no depression – a question, what if my life were different? What would it look like? What if she was given a chance to restart her life?

Those thoughts and questions and fantasies kept her alive, until one day she saw a poster at school for a study abroad program – a chance to truly start over. She did it!

Now she lives in Boston and it was the best decision she ever made. She is so much better. She still has depression but has come back from the depths of it, can control it, has friends, and people who love her and has started a life that she loves – has left the tunnel and found the light at the end!

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