I Survived 100 Days as a WITHER SKELETON in Hardcore Minecraft… Here’s What Happened

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In this video, I attempted to survive 100 days in hardcore minecraft as a wither skeleton! I journeyed to the overworld to serve the Nameless One, the King of the Undead, as he fights against the Drowned Necromancer and his army of drowned, both from minecraft dungeons. I also have to face the Ancient Guardian and other creatures under the Drowned Necromancer’s command. My mission is to become a pirate and gather a crew of wither skeletons to face our opponents in the ocean. I used the shapeshifter or morph mod in hardcore survival minecraft.

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@xNestorio – Pillager General
@Skyes – Polar Bear
@Moose – Copper Golem
@Swidge – Squall Golem
@Zetro – Iron Golem
@Dr Duke – Wither Skeleton Rival
@GlitzCore – Queen Bee

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Discord – https://discord.gg/2qWHGTyxhT


Inspiration – LukeTheNotable
Animator – Daresix
Developer – Danyal Fryer

#minecraft100days​ #minecrafthardcore​ #100days


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