I saw her standing there , well she was yesterday. (well-being and welcome)

—- well – being ———
f is w, fish, wish

so well is fell-over, or well is the prisoner’s refoulement.

he would be well if he saw himself standing there, or he would be very rough and he would die to be well.

being for the benefit of mr kite, if you are being, you change from baby to a nowhere man, because you are looking for benefit or profiteer only, you are dying for being, that would be so well. Being for deterioration, danger of change, if being for benefit of money from mr kite, such as manis冼尚年, a little hk man 林加華 after the look of hk school. well-being was hard time or well being was time to take. 怎會是幸福??? if you have wellness, you should seek help because you had disease. human being is such a confusion or failure 敗類, 人類. 物以類聚 human beings come together is deteriroation or confusion. If you are being for benefit of money, you never win. Human being is a loser or nowhere man. Being nowhere to go.

well being 痛苦.

— welcome —
if you are well, you would come on to the light on power, but come on that is mind, or come on that is institution, so 劉志邦 silver lau (經常在科大抄功課與hall屈蛇去玩)come on that is mind in HKUST. the couple come on to eating food, that hkust welcome to this couple. Or some organisation welcome to help for eating. If you would die, jesus lets you come to his side altogether, jesus welcomes you. if you come, you come together, 來者不善. 行而不輟, 未來可期. 荀子, 修身, you are not kind if you would come to jesus, or you never find, that is spiral cracker as you would be criminal. jesus welcomes to you, you were perverted to, or you were diverted, such as 方曉生美國基督徒 (長沙灣喜樂)

welcome to perversion 歡迎墮落.

john wen
Date: 5 – 7 – 2022


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