I Sailed the Ocean for 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft

I Sailed the Ocean for 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft

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I spent 100 days sailing on my raft in Minecraft Hardcore! This world is an ocean and island only world! I will sail from island to island, loot castle and uncover secrets!
Can I overcome the deadly storms. Survive the dangerous creatures from the Sea. And finally, can I transform my raft into a huge ship with farms, mobs and everything else I need on board?
Let’s find out!

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Day 1
01:55 Outplayed Sponsor
02:30 Day 1-9
13:20 Day 10-19
22:00 Day 20-29
27:40 Day 30-39
35:24 Day 40-49
38:25 Day 50-59
42:40 Day 60-69
51:50 Day 70-79
01:00:48 Day 80-89
01:05:00 Day 90-100

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