Hyundai Alcazar review – More than just a three row Creta | First Drive | Autocar India

You’ve seen the Hyundai Alcazar in pics, you’ve seen our first drive impression of a camouflaged car and by now you also know pricing. It’s finally time for the full Hyundai Alcazar review. Nikhil Bhatia tells you what the three row Hyundai SUV is like on the outside, what it’s like inside, what it’s like to drive, what it’s like to be chauffeur-driven in and what the third row seats are like.

Cameraperson: Anand Malepu
Editor: Mohit Sharma

0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – Hyundai Alcazar dimensions and design
2:26 – Hyundai Alcazar interior
3:16 – Hyundai Alcazar features
5:11 – Footboard
5:27 – Hyundai Alcazar 6-seater
7:27 – Hyundai Alcazar third row
8:42 – Hyundai Alcazar boot
9:06 – Hyundai Alcazar mileage, engines and gearboxes
9:27 – Hyundai Alcazar petrol-auto
12:04 – Hyundai Alcazar braking
12:13 – Hyundai Alcazar off-road
12:35 – Hyundai Alcazar safety
13:02 – Hyundai Alcazar petrol-manual
13:36 – Hyundai Alcazar diesel-auto
15:48 – Hyundai Alcazar ride
16:43 – Hyundai Alcazar price
17:16 – Hyundai Alcazar verdict
18:20 – BTS

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