How USA wiped out entire RED INDIAN race who were original Native Americans..

Why Japan doesn’t hate USA for Nuclear Attacks

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00:00 – History of USA
0:38 First humans on North America
01:13 Silk Road trade
01:51 Discovery of America by Columbus
03:18 How native americans were wiped out
05:30 Where are red indians now

History of USA is only 400-500 years old. but early humans settled in American continent 17000 years ago. They migrated from Asia to America, and these tribals were called red indians or native americans. When Columbus discovered america, eurpoeans began colonization of USA and brought many diseases with them, due to which, the tribal native americans started dying. Sometimes, these diseases were spread knowingly to eradicate the population. in this way entire red indian race was wiped out from the face of USA. In this way, America is a stolen country.
Native american reservations is always a debatable topic in the United States.This video will tell you the true ancient origins of native americans.
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