How to Use Notion to Manage Life | Study, Work, Life Balance?

This session recording was highly requested to be made public. This is from my New Zealand Sisterhood community 💗 available here:

If your new here, my name is Bismah and I’m a student at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I hope this video gives you some valuable insight into the various applications of Notion :). This video is not sponsored.

Please use the timestamps below to make it easier to navigate through the video.

——Time stamps ——
00:3 Intro – (Hi 👋, I’m a student, corporate tech, content creator)
1:30 The Notion Platform
2:06 The Mobile App
2:38 Templates!!!
3:10 DEMO time (starts)
5:30 My University Notion Page
9:10 Hot Girl Summer Bucket Lift Notion Page
11:25 Information Hub example page (Salesforce learning)
12:38 Aesthetic Inspiration page example
13:41 Personal Finance page
15:03 Moving Out/Flatting page example
16:30 How to get GIFS into Notion | demo
17:36 How to embed widgets in Notion | demo
18:14 Let’s create a page together / playing around with elements
25:18 More about Notion templates


▶ Instagram: @bismah.mahmood
▶ TikTok: @bismah.mahmood
▶ Twitter: @bismah.mahmood1

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