How to Invest in your 20s / Financial planning in your 20s – Masterclass

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This course consists of master classes that covers various topics that are related to investments , financial planning , insurance , tax planning and risk management .

This is a comprehensive course that brings in expertise of over two decades. It is constructed to be very practical and applied . Some of the topics covered are as follows . I have linked some free youtube videos so that you can sample the course .

Investing Accounts :

1. TFSA :
2. RRSP :
3. RESP :
4. FHSA :

Features of each investment class
1. Real estate :
2. Stocks
3. Bonds
4. ETFs :
5. Mutual funds
6. GICs
7. Commodities – Metals
8. Crypto
9. Insurance products

Portfolio construction
1. Psychology of money :
2. Long term investment strategies
3. Understanding long term market cycles
4. Diversifying long term investment
5. Use of leverage in investing
6. Creation of core and satellite portfolio
7. Fundamental and technical analysis

Learning from success stories – Everyday people making extra ordinary gains
•Identify the habits that are your strengths and weaknesses•Escape self-destructive behavior that demolishes wealth•Control your mindset and daily regimen for making the right moves•Mimic proven strategies used by legendary investors•Protect your investments and retirement money from distracting noise•Unlearn the behavioral patterns that limit your potential•Increase your odds of achieving financial independence•Reprogram your thinking from loser to winner•Instill confidence in your ability to make money in any market climate•Improve your overall investment results
Key moments


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