How to invest in mutual funds with a low salary? | Mutual Fund Ki Baat with A. Balasubramanian

How to invest in mutual funds with a low salary? | Mutual Fund Ki Baat with A. Balasubramanian

Global markets are going through tough times but Indian stock markets have done well. India is close to ending its repo rate hikes which is a positive factor. Don’t worry too much about SIP cancellations, but choose the right equity fund based on your financial goals and risk tolerance and stay with your SIPs for the long term. Multi-Asset Allocation Funds are managed by a fund manager who does this work for you and you could maintain a time horizon for these funds similar to Equity Funds. First-time Equity Investors may be better off investing in Hybrid Funds like Balanced Advantage Funds. You can invest as low as Rs 500 per month in equity funds through a SIP. Try to invest Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000 per month in equity funds to achieve your financial goals. Quant Funds are a good category for investing. However, they may face problems during periods of extreme market volatility. Moreover, these funds have lower assets under management and have yet to be tested in a larger size.

0:00 – Introduction
2:22 – About A. Balasubramanian
4:31 – Overall Indian market analysis on the grounds of rising interest rates
7:57 – Why is SIP cancellation increasing?
11:52 – What are multi-asset allocation funds?
14:50 – What should be the ideal duration to hold multi-asset funds?
15:22 – When markets correct, are mid & small-cap funds ideal for investing?
17:30 – Should we hold midcap funds longer than large-cap funds?
18:27 – Should new investors invest in sectoral or thematic funds?
22:26 – Multi cap funds vs Flexi cap funds
25:01 – Should retired personnel have balanced advantage funds?
27:26 – With low income can we invest in mutual funds?
30:28 – How often should we review our investment portfolio & rebalance it?
34:57 – Why do we need debt funds in our portfolio?
40:09 – Can we use our mutual fund investment to repay the home loan faster?
42:16 – As a new investor, what are the good funds to have in our portfolio?
44:17 – Are quant funds better than actively managed funds?
47:22 – As new investors should we completely ignore active funds & go for index funds?
49:54 – Equity vs Real estate investing – Which is better & Why?
54:51 – Investment journey of A. Balasubramanian
57:15 – Book recommendation
58:21 – Conclusion
58:44 – Key learning

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