How to Invest in 40s | Complete Financial Planning Guide and Investment Portfolio

Personal finance guide on how to invest in 40s – complete financial planning in Hindi. Learn retirement planning and how to build wealth in your 40s with goal-based investing. Watch the video to achieve financial independence at 40.
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Time Stamps
00:00 – Intro
01:42 – Financial Plan in 40s
01:47 – Define your goals
05:46 – Maintain emergency fund
06:14 – Higher Savings
07:35 – Review past actions
07:45 – Better Loan Management
09:44 – Insurance Management
12:17 – Investment planning
12:23 – Tax savings investment
15:44 – Short term investments
16:30 – Long term investments
17:20 – Equity Investments
18:18 – Mutual funds and ETF.
19:30 – Fixed income investments
20:27 – Gold Investment
21:35 – Real estate Planning
24:21 – Include family in financial decisions

About the Video
In our 40s, we are at the peak of our career and earn more; however, our expenses are also more because our responsibilities increase as we age. So, it’s very important to learn personal finance skills that can guide us in drafting a well-defined and robust financial plan at 40 which takes into consideration our retirement planning, children’s education expenses as well as other discretionary expenses like real estate, vehicles, etc. Financial planning for retirement planning is always the most crucial part of a financial plan, so how to invest in 40s is a key question that all of us might encounter.
Apart from this, we need to evaluate our savings at 40, so that we can make an investment portfolio that has a healthy mix of investments like stocks, mutual funds, health insurance, term insurance, NPS, EPF, PPF, and other investments for beginners. Investing in the stock market is a tricky question considering the risk tolerance. For retirement planning, one should also invest in passive income instruments like rental income through real estate. This video aims to teach financial literacy and it will act as a guide in making a blueprint of how to get financial freedom and in learning share market basics for beginners. We will also talk about the small case as an investment option.
In this video, we will cover the following topics-
1. How to do retirement planning?
2. Personal finance 101 tips for investing in the 40s.
3. Should we invest in real estate?
4. How to invest in mutual funds and small case?
5. How to make a financial plan at 40?
6. How to invest in 40s?
7. How to invest in Gold using Sovereign Gold Bonds and Gold ETFs?
8. How to invest in bonds, debt mutual funds and covered bonds?
9. How to invest in the stock market?
10. What are different equity products – Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETF, Index Funds, Smallcase etc.
11. How to achieve financial freedom?
12. Key elements of money and personal finance.
13. How to construct an investment portfolio?
14. Insurance management like Health insurance, life insurance and term insurance.
15. Retirement planning safest instruments NPS, EPS, PPF etc.
16. How to analyse risk while investing?
17. Types of investments.



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