How To Beat Personality Tests In Job Interviews

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Employers judge job candidates in three key areas: personality, aptitude, and experience – in that order. As a result, some companies make candidates take personality tests during the hiring process to make sure they filter out candidates who might not be the best fit.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of taking one of these personality tests, you’re not alone. But the best way to beat personality tests during the hiring process is to be prepared. And that’s what I’m here to help you with today!

Let me start by explaining the types of tests employers could give you.

3 Basic Test Types:
– Cognition and ability
– Simulations and skills
– Personality and other indicators

Now, let’s get into why companies use these types of tests.

Companies use them to…
– Weed out ill-fitting applicants
– Be objective
– Overcome lying
– Replace references
– Reduce turnover

Let’s practice really quickly. If you were given the following options, which would YOU choose?

– I enjoy the thrill of meeting new people.
– I like to be alone most of the time.
– It’s hard for me to make conversation with people I don’t know.
– I like being to center of attention.

This is an example of a behavioral question. You need to think about the position you’re applying for and choose the answer that makes the most sense for the role.

For example, if the position you’re applying for deals with cold calling and a lot of client interaction, then the employer will be looking for people who chose the answer “I enjoy the thrill of meeting new people.”

While you want to be honest in these tests, you also need to keep in mind what answers they would be looking for a specific role.

This leads me into ways you can prepare for these interviews.

Tips for Success:
– Do your homework
– Be honest
– Don’t be extreme
– Ask questions: What is the test measuring? Is it going on file? Can I get the results?

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If you enjoyed today’s video, be sure to let us know in the comments. What did you find helpful? Do you have additional questions? Anything at all, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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