How spirituality is related to health and well being

Many of us have multiple questions about life’s purpose and death. Some undergo the life situations where they fail to achieve what they want, where they are unable to handle losses and lose hope. They can find peace in spirituality.

Spirituality reduces existential pain
Scientific studies have not been able to explain the exact origin and impact of positive and negative emotions. Why can handle difficult situations with ease, while, other’s feel emotional pain even in easy-going situations? Talking of peace, gratitude, acceptance and contentment, be it a part of a religion or inherent behaviour, it makes us emotionally strong.

Physical and emotional healing
Spirituality helps in leading a healthy life because it increases mental and physical healing. It lowers the sense of insecurity and one gets moral support and hope in such teachings.

Spirituality helps to nurture consciousness
Those with supreme consciousness are highly intuitive and they may know that taking this step will help and the other path may not be good. It helps ton lower pain cause by the inability to achieve the desired. It can provide alternative meaningful ways to find the true purpose of life, to become useful to humanity.

The concept of consciousness
The concept of the soul, intention, intuition or consciousness can be found in many religious texts. Spirituality as per any religion want the consciousness to be awake. It helps to identify the truth-the reality of our existence on earth. A learned soul has a mature consciousness. ”


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