HISTORY I Class 8 I Chapter 4 I PART 2 I Tribal, Dikus & Golden Age I NCERT

LInk Part 1- Chapter 4 – https://youtu.be/5WPXtsYvR58

This NCERT class 8 Chapter 4 of History, Tribal, Dikus, and Golden Age, covers the way of life that tribal groups live and issues of Tribal Communities who faced hardship during colonial rule in India and how they responded to it under the tribal leaders. This Chapter also mentions the Birsa Munda, the great Munda Tribal leader, and how his combined force challenged the colonial authority in India. And how the anger of tribal groups turned into rebellion.
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Chapter 2- PART 1 – Trade to Territory https://youtu.be/wCbzVY2aAp4
Chapter 2- PART 2- Trade to Territory https://youtu.be/mq4E9qagY2w
Chapter-3-PART 1- Ruling Countryside https://youtu.be/Uc7mYLkR8ec
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Chapter-4-PART 1- Tribal, Dikus & Golden age https://youtu.be/5WPXtsYvR58
Chapter-4-PART 2- Tribal, Dikus & Golden age https://youtu.be/yuYn7dIQPpk
Chapter-5-Part 1- When People Rebel, 1857 https://youtu.be/JnrUkxBturE
Chapter-5-Part 2- When People Rebel, 1857https://youtu.be/QIRxI7mae1I
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