History Ch-4 || Colonialism and Tribal Societies || Q/A

Class 8th

History , Ch-4
Colonialism and Tribal Societies

A. Very Short Answer Type Questions:-

1. Which tribal group did Birsa belong to?
2. Mention two important methods that the tribal groups practised to obtain their livelihood.
3.What were the two rebellions which took place against the colonial forest laws?

B. Short Answer Type Questions:-

1. Why did the tribals agitate under the British rule?
2.Where was shifting cultivation widely practised?
3. Which tribal group was reluctant to work for others and why?
4. Why did the tribals consider the moneylenders as the cause of their misery?
5. How did the British rule affect the lives of the tribals?
6.Why did the British introduce land settlements in the tribes?
7. Mention the main characteristics of Indian tribes?
8. What problems did the tribal face under the British?
9.How did Birsa reform the tribal society?
10. Describe the impact of the colonial forest laws on tribal lives?
11. What was the impact of the achievements of Birsa Munda on the tribal community after his death?
12. Explain the trade activities of the tribal groups in the nineteenth century. How did they come to see taken traders as Dikus and enemies?

C. Long Answer Type Questions:-

1. Describe the life achievements of Birsa Munda.
2. What changes did the colonial rule bring to the tribal forest dwelling people of India?

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