HealthTech/Life Sciences "Deep Dive" (June 28, 2022)

360 One Firm (361Firm) is an independent global platform to collaborate on investments & philanthropies by/for family offices, institutional investors, and thought leaders.

We collaborate across asset classes, industries and borders, in funds and direct (co-)investments as well as in both impact and charitable organizations and causes. Co-founded by ex-Andersen partners, we have a collaborative “one firm”​ culture, tailored to family offices who can add extraordinary value from industry experience and relationships. We believe in active engagement, facilitated by Weekly Briefing Roundtables, “Deep Dive” (web) conferences, and monthly Global Conferences (
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Important Notice for 361Firm Events:
Rule #1: Teach. No Pitching or Politics. Our 361 forums are designed to facilitate connecting and open, respectful discussions and sharing of data, macro-level ideas, strategies, and insights across industries, asset classes, regions, philanthropies, or other topics. It is prohibited to discuss specific investment offerings or products in these events or our App, but of course you build relationships which can organically lead to offline discussions of all sorts.
Rule #2: Onboard the 361 App ( Our App prompts you to indicate your status as an Accredited Investor, Qualified Purchaser (QPs) or Qualified Institutional Buyer (QUIB)* and re-attest at each login. Some events are restricted based on this status.
Zoom Protocols. Your Participant ID must show your full name or you’ll be removed. Stay on mute unless a speaker.
COVID Protocols. Please be mindful of all federal, state and local laws and regulations on COVID protocols. Currently some states require masks, and others do not. If you show any COVID-like symptoms, do not join any “in person” gatherings.
Sessions May Be Recorded. By participating in person or virtually, you agree to our sharing recordings, e.g.
360 One Firm Capital LLC (361Firm) may include in these materials or events companies (1) in which 361Firm may have invested in or alongside and/or (2) which are clients for which 361Firm could earn a fee from raising capital or connecting to talent or strategic partners.

*At some events only QPs and QUIBs or those those who signed our “Big Boy Letter” may be permitted.
If you have not Onboarded the App (, you will be removed.
361Firm offers securities via Stonehaven, LLC, a Member FINRA / SIPC. Regulatory disclosures: and Form CRS:


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