Hangout Cafe S10 – Ep1 – Leveraging Fintech for positive wealth management with Opeyemi Emmanuel

Several sectors have undergone radical changes due to developments in technology in recent years. Wealth management is the latest to adapt to and evolve with technologies.

The days when you spent hours slaving over spreadsheets and formulas to perform calculations and analysis may just be behind you for good as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now made these conventional methods of wealth management nearly entirely useless.

A huge thanks to Opeyemi Emmanuel for remindering us about the importance of making our money work for us and that we need multiple streams of income.
“Decentralised finance has changed how the banking system works so we should now try to embrace the “new” . He cautioned us to do our homework before investing in anyone of these schemes. Thank you again for helping us to understand a bit more about #nft #crypto #AI, #bitcoin

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