Global Careers Month: Opening Ceremony

🔴This is the LIVE streaming of the opening ceremony for the Global Careers Month that takes place from 8 November until 13 December 2022🔴.

➡️ To know more about Global Careers Month:

It is organised by the Interagency Working Group on Career Guidance that consists of
@European Commission,
@European Training Foundation,
@International Labour Organization,
@World Bank.

👉The programme of the opening ceremony includes:
– Presentation of the core themes of the Global Careers Month
– Social partners’ perspective on the different aspects of the Global Careers Month
– Presentation of the regional experiences: Challenges, Particularities and Models of design and delivery for effective career guidance
– Presentation of innovative solutions for the promotion of career guidance in diverse contexts and for different learners

@EduSkills OECD @UNESCO-UNEVOC @European Commission

#skills4change #GlobalCareersMonth #careerguidance


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