Episode 1: Consumer & Market Trends Shaping Financial Services

Coinciding with the release of our whitepaper, Tuum and Ross Republic have launched the “It’s Time to Build!’ webcast, a 3-part series exploring some of the key findings in our report.

The webcast features speakers from some of the most exciting and innovative players in the financial services industry.

In the first episode, moderator Adrian Klee of Ross Republic is joined by Ove Kreison, CTO and co-founder of Tuum, and Simon Ousager, CEO and founder of Januar.

This episode dives into some of the key shifts happening in the #financialservices sector, as outlined in the whitepaper, and explores how financial services institutions can leverage trends such as open banking to better position themselves for the future.

00:00 – Intro – Adrian Klee, Partner, Ross Republic
01:10 – Intro – Simon Ousager, CEO, Januar
03:30 – Intro – Ove Kreison, CTO, Tuum
04:40 – Changing Consumer Expectations in the Banking Industry
11:30 – Effects of New Entrants to Banking Industry
14:50 – Customer Experience in DeFi vs CeFi
16:05 – How Will Banking Services be Delivered in the Future?
19:30 – Effects of Open Banking (PSD2) on Banking Industry
21:40 – Importance of Customer Data
26:00 – How is the Banking Industry Adapting to Open Banking?
28:30 – Banks’ Main Competitors in Digital Landscape
34:50 – Addressing Banks’ Technology Debt
40:50 – Building a Future-Proof Bank

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It is composed of flexible and independent modules that cover all major retail and business banking processes.

The platform is API-based for quick and easy integration with existing ecosystems.
It runs on all main cloud providers as well as on private clouds.


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