Emotional Well-Being #12: Discomfort Is Your Ally

Emotional Well-Being #12: Discomfort Is Your Ally

Discomfort is a sensation of unease and of slight pain usually activated by new, foreign, or slightly-out-of-the-comfort-zone experiences.

It can signal that something is out of alignment or is “off”, especially if it comes with a sense of a alarm or a sense of danger.

It can also signal that you’re reaching a new stage of your own healing and growth and you’re touching the edge of your comfort zone.

Much of our work in healing and thriving beyond one’s codependency will involve Initial Discomfort. This is the growth phase where we adapt by EXPANDING our comfort zone to include new experiences, new perspectives, and new habits.

Discomfort shows you where you’re growing and where you’re going in your healing.

That is what we explore into today’s episode!


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