Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED This Into Space That SHOCKED NASA!

Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED This Into Space That SHOCKED NASA!

You probably heard about 3D Printing. It is indeed a revolutionary invention. But as you all know when Elon Musk comes to the scene, everything goes beyond our expectations. Continuing that trend the Tech Titan Elon Musk introduced 4D printing as a new way to reach Mars.

Wanna know how? Then stay tuned till the very end.

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In today’s video, we are going to tell you how Elon Musk just revealed that 4D printing is our way to Mars.

As Elon Musk is the CEO of the famous space technology company SpaceX, he told us that even by his standards, it costs a lot of money to launch something into space.

The price per pound goes from roughly $9,000 to more than $40,000. With such a high price tag, weight and space are at a premium on shuttle missions, prompting to explore new and imaginative ways to manufacture smaller payloads.

Elon says There’s a lot we don’t know about space flight and its effects on the human body over a three-year period, and while we’d want to prioritize remote health examinations, radio signals from Mars to Earth take twenty minutes to reach Earth, and vocal answers take at least twice as long.

That implies a doctor or other healthcare expert would need to be on board and have access to a variety of resources in the event of an emergency.

Once we get on Mars, we must address cosmic ray protection, how to alter the atmosphere, and how our bodies will react to the reduced gravity.

We wouldn’t have to front-load the spaceship with these resources since rover expeditions discovered raw materials that could be used to create colonies, but we’d still have to figure out how to build a town that isn’t exposed to the sun’s severe radiation.

Elon Musk also thinks about other troubles. There are several more issues, including a shortage of accessible water on the surface, mainly ice, a lack of breathing air, extremely low water pressure, and bitterly cold temperatures averaging -85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The List of problems keep going on until Elon Musk comes in and tells us the solution.

An experiment noticed by Mr. Musk did the magic. A team at Georgia Tech is testing a technology that employs 3D printers to manufacture little structures that expand when exposed to heat, which might help solve the problem in the future.

The process is a type of 4D printing, in which a 3D printed structure changes shape after it is produced, as defined by the scientific community. Time is the fourth dimension here. It’s become a bit of an industry term of late, but it’s a good fit here.

The Georgia Tech team’s work relies on temperature fluctuations to initiate the metamorphosis. The utilization of tensegrity, a technique in which floating solid highways are kept together by wires, is where the study stands out the most. Lightweight, sturdy, and quickly collapsible, the systems are excellent for space travel.

Musk himself admired the researchers behind this experiment and he decided to introduce 4D printing as a way that can pave our path to colonizing Mars.

Glaucio Paulino, Professor at Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering said regarding the experiment,
“Tensegrity structures are extremely lightweight while also being very strong. The goal is to find a way to deploy a large object that initially takes up little space.”

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