Dub Traveller – Tribal Spirit – Exil Vol 2 © Culture Dub

Découvrez en exclusivité le clip du titre Tribal Spirit’, extrait de l’album “Exil Vol.2” de Dub Traveller, disponible en libre téléchargement sur le netlabel Culture Dub Records… Un voyage méditatif au sein de la vallée sacrée afin de se connecter avec soi, à la recherche d’harmonie et de paix !

Dub Traveller is a real traveller. After a first acclaimed EP, the producer reveals “Exil Vol.2”, taking us on his Trance N Dub, a link-up between the strength of the UK Dub Stepper and the natural energy of the Trance. A musical journey, like a new air of Dub, for Free Download on the Culture Dub Records label!

In 2019 Dub Traveller landed from a faraway galaxy aboard his spaceship and released his first EP on the Culture Dub Records label: “Exil Vol.1”!

When he arrived on Earth, the traveller was greeted by humans with passion and enthusiastic dances. Then, they gave him refuge and comfort … The artist adapted wonderfully to this new world, the ‘World Connection’ is on! Dub Traveler offers us today the fruit of his research and other musical discoveries on “Exile Vol.2”.

Dub Traveller has his own style, which he calls Trance N Dub. Rich and powerful music that connects the strength of the UK Dub Stepper with the natural energy of Trance. He takes us on a journey through piercing Fujara flutes, percussion from around the world, ethnic sounds and bass that explode and breathe the new air of Dub.

“Exile Vol.2” by Dub Traveller is like La Petite Fumée meeting Panda Dub around a fire, under Ayahuasca, in the centre of the Auvergne volcanoes!

A merger of two styles, Dub and Trance… Kicks, bass and transcendent effects, but also tribal percussion, flutes and traditional songs, mixed with Steppa rhythms, that’s Trance N Dub by Dub Traveller!

Production & Mix: Dub Traveller
Master: Dub Traveller
Artwork: Dub Traveller
Video: Dub Traveller
Label: Culture Dub Records

Dub Traveller: www.facebook.com/dubtraveller/


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