DIY how to make Barbie doll boho living room! Sofa, fireplace, table lamp and more!

How to make a cute diy room for a doll!

#barbie #miniatures #barbieroom

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Don’t know the characters in the end part?
Here’s a brief intro!

Sabine: an artist who who likes to skateboard, her sisters are Sadie and Andy

Nick: An FBI agent who cares about Sabine and his friends

VEkER: a satcastic hero who Is funny and has an apptentoce named Geode

Kim: Sabine’s closest friend who loves to bake

Icicle: Stormers little brother that always causes mischief and loves to do things for himself he is friends with Sabine, Kim, sam and tolerates Nick

Ronda: Sabine’s sister, she loves the 80s

Andy: Sabiens younger sister who is older than Ronda, she likes ro design

Sam: a skateboarder who is freainds with kim, flames, and Nex.

Nex: the orange robot that has an accent, he is friends with Kim, Andy and Sabine

Flames: a smart hero with a high pitched voice who is frieds n with Kim

Stormer: Icicles older brother who also trans him as a apprentice hero

Geode: VEKers apprentice who always listens and Is caring to his friends Sanine, Kim, Sam and Veker Icucle hates him because all the heros think he is better
Kimg stormer: an evil version of stormer from an alternate universe who loves food and only cares about himself, he is treyed like a king in his universe.

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Note: my videos are intended for ages 13+ , I use some dangerous craft materials such as hot glue, Xacto knife, etc. And the adventure videos are easier to understand for kids above 13.

Also the music belong VLLO


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