Digital Marketing Full Course 2023 | Digital Marketing Course | Digital Marketing | Simplilearn

Digital Marketing Full Course 2023 | Digital Marketing Course | Digital Marketing | Simplilearn

In this digital marketing course, we’ll talk about what is digital marketing, SEO, and its various concepts, social media marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and much more. According to LinkedIn, there are 860,000 job openings for the Digital Marketing Specialist role. A few of the most requested skills in digital marketing include social media, content strategy, SEO, email marketing, and analytics. Don’t worry, We’ll cover all these skills in this course. In addition, will cover the tools required to become a successful digital marketer. Apart from organic marketing, we’ll cover paid marketing, such as Facebook ads and Google ads and end with Interview Questions that will help you ace that interview.

Digital Marketing Full Course Contents:
00:00:00 Digital Marketing Course
00:01:24 Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes
00:06:18 Top 10 reasons to learn Digital Marketing
00:12:28 What is Digital Marketing
00:12:57 Business models in Digital Marketing
00:14:21 Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
00:15:55 Future of digital marketing
00:17:17 Digital marketing salary
00:18:13 What is Customer Lifecycle
00:35:11 Types of Digital Marketing
00:47:04 What is SEO
00:51:38 Types of SEO
00:53:46 Keyword Research for 2023
01:32:02 Top 10 SEO Tools 2023
02:01:30 Top 10 SEO Tips For 2023
02:13:45 How to rank #1 on Google
02:21:00 How To Create Your Google Business Profile
03:00:01 Google Ads Tutorial 2023
03:13:04 How to create a Google ad?
03:51:31 Google Search Ads Tutorial 2023
05:01:19 What is Email Marketiing
05:04:13 Types of Email Marketing
05:04:46 Email Marketing strategy
05:05:47 How to create an email list
05:09:05 Mailchimp Tutorial
05:45:10 Social media marketing
05:50:00 What is Social media marketing
05:57:57 Social media marketing strategies
06:07:55 Social media marketing platform
06:35:40 Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing
06:49:41 Facebook Ads Tutorial
07:44:11 What is Content marketing
08:02:10 What is Affiliate Marketing
08:08:13 Google Analytics Tutorial
10:09:21 Google Tag Manager
10:44:54 Digital Marketing Tools
11:01:39 Top Digital Marketing Skills
11:28:06 Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

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What is Digital Marketing?
The digital marketing concept has its roots in traditional marketing methods but has a lot of online-specific aspects. Digital marketing involves connecting with customers and potential customers and convincing them they need your product or service. This is done through the Internet, social media, and other digital platforms.

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✅ Skills Covered
– Digital Marketing
– Search Engine Optimization
– Pay Per Click
– Content Marketing
– Marketing Analytics
– Keyword Research
– Onpage Optimization
– Offpage Optimization
– Social Media Marketing
– More …

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