Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Mental Health Awareness In Hindi | [BEST VIDEO ON MENTAL HEALTH]

Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Mental Health Awareness In Hindi | [BEST VIDEO ON MENTAL HEALTH]

Our Mental Health also is important like our physical health. But, in our busy lifestyle most of the time we don’t pay attention to our mental health awareness and emotional condition. So because of the less care of our mental health we feel and experience things like depression, anxiety, sadness, panic attacks and hopeless etc. Because of mental health and mental illness issues people nowadays takes wrong step in there life and quit early because of sometimes external pressure or some times inner pressure with in easy language we call it mental illness.

With this video our goal is to help people how are facing mental illness and people who want to improve there mental health.

So, Please watch the video we have explained every thing about Mental Health!

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0:00 Things We Will Cover
0:33 What is Mental Health?
1:13 What is Mental Illness?
1:31 Why Cure?
2:05 Types of Mental Illness.
3:56 Reason
4:17 How to Measure
4:56 Make Mental Health Better
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