Demystifying Off-Plan Real Estate Investment by Nashon Okowa

Off-plan buying basically refers to buying into a property before its completion. The concept has gained traction in Kenya driven largely by the challenging financing environment faced by both developers and end buyers. Buying off-plan is a great way to purchase a property below its actual market value, which makes it a great investment opportunity. For investors, most are attracted to off-plan due to the promise of property appreciation. On the other hand, developers offer low prices at the beginning of a project to make sure they secure buyers and investors as soon as possible. However, there have been cases where the promise is not delivered by the developer either owing to financial constraints or simply because they are unscrupulous. As a result, many Kenyans have lost their money or ended up with poor quality products.

Nashon Okowa, a seasoned Project Manager and Director of Beacon Africa Consultants takes us through the intricacies Off Plan buying. Plus he has a new book out that talks in great detail on Off Plan buying titled, “Don’t buy that house” you can purchase it through Amazon


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