Deconstructing paint inlays boho furniture painting tutorial

In this video I will show you how to deconstruct the IOD paint inlays to create your own unique take on this product. Using Stamps and paint I will show you how to create a one off unique design using this Iron Orchid designs product and if you also have the bohemia stamp set maybe you could follow along.

Products used:
Iron Orchid Designs Morocco Paint Inlay
Iron Orchid Designs Bohemia Stamp set
Rust-Oleum Lilac Wine Chalk Paint
Rust-Oleum Sage Green
Annie Sloan Old white and Atherian Black to make custom grey
Annie Sloan Emporers Silk and Old White to make Custom Pink
Annie Sloan Florence
Annie Sloan Furl
Rags and brushes
Topecoat / Lacquer

Chapters are as follows in case you want to jump forward.

00:00 Start
00:07 Introduction to the project
02:14 Base wash colours
05:30 Deconstructing and applying the inlays
22:08 Introducing colours for the stamping to match the Inlays
23:34 Handles time
24:40 Stamping
36:40 Sidenote on Staging
37:53 Highlighting time
38:29 Applying Finishing Lacquer to Inlays
43:04 Show time.


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