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Thoughtful Thoughts 5.8.22 by John Dunning. The Return of Jesus Pt.2

Jesus listed the things that must happen before He will return to earth. This list can be found in Matthew 24. This means He cannot come back at any second, because some things have not yet happened that Jesus said must happen first. (Next week we will look at what Jesus said will happen after He returns.)
First, we will go through the order of events just as Jesus gave them to us in Matthew 24, so there’s no doubt about what must happen before He returns…

1). Jesus’ order of events are;- (Matthew 24:8) worldwide disasters of things like;-
1a) earthquakes,
1b) wars,
1c) and famines.
But all that is only the beginning of the sorrows that will come…

2). Jesus continues (Matt. 24:9-14), that then there will be …
2a). A time of HUGE TROUBLE, worldwide, (v.9), when many believers will be martyred.
2b). False prophets will deceive many (v.11).
2c). Evil will multiply, (v.12),
2d). And ‘the love of many will become cold’, as Jesus puts it; (ie apostasy).
2e). Those who stay faithful in this time of terrible trouble in v.9 will be saved (v.13).
2f). Called “tribulations” it lead to the gospel being preached in “all the world”, v.14).

3). Jesus bundles the future events in Matthew 24:15-24 like this…
3a). All the above will be followed by major conflicts in the Middle East…
3b). In Jerusalem Jesus describes an event as “the abomination of desolation”, (v.15).
About those times, Jesus says, “And if those days had not been shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened.”
c). At the same time, “false ‘Christs’ will make false claims about being the Messiah,
d). False prophets will rise up and show signs and wonders to deceive God’s people (v.24).
Note: Jesus will not return until AFTER the events that He has prophesied have occurred. It is wrong of religious people to say that Jesus can come back at any second, because Jesus’ prophecies will come about in the order in which Jesus said. Events will happen which have not yet occurred and so Jesus cannot come back until after they have.

4) Then, Jesus says (Matt. 24:29-31), that AFTER the time of big trouble (translated using a Latin word, the ‘tribulation’ v.29) He will return to earth;
a). Only then will the Son of Man appear as He really is…
b). The tribes of the earth will mourn when they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory,(v.30).
c). It is ONLY at this late stage of the sequence of events, that the angels will gather together God’s people (v.31). Notice that the order of events which Jesus gives puts His 2nd coming AFTER the time of great trouble comes upon Christians.
(The word ‘tribulation’ comes from Latin, meaning a “threshing”. Translators chose this word to interpret what Jesus was saying was going to happen to God’s people.)

Everyone in the world will see Jesus return, (non-believers as well as believers.) We see from here what Jesus said what must occur before He returns. We must take this as the correct order of events simply because Jesus said so! Ignore the order of events used in movies, books, and preachers who do not follow Jesus’ order of events.
Next time we will look at HOW Jesus returns and what the order of events will be after He returns.
Next time we will look at HOW Jesus returns and what the order of events will be after He returns.

This is John Dunning signing off from “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.
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