Credit Card/Debit VISA – Full Review 2022 – EVERYTHING To Know About The Card

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Card Staking
In order to get access to the card, you need to buy native cryptocurrency called “CRO”. Higher the tier, better the perks.

The most popular is the Ruby Red @ $400usd CRO stake and Jade Green/ Royal Indigo @ $4000usd CRO stake. You don’t loose this money! You keep the CRO you purchased but it gets locked up for a 6 month period. This is actually a really good feature because it prevents selling of CRO which would decrease the price. This is partly attributed to why CRO has seen amazing gains recently, among many other reasons.

After the 6 months is up, you can un-stake your CRO, sell it or do whatever you want with it. But to maintain the same card benefits, you must keep at least the minimum CRO. Whether it be $400, $4000 worth, whichever card you have. You can take out the extra amount you gained but this will re set that 6 month lock up again.

Personal Example:
I purchased $4000usd of CRO @ $0.13, only a short 6 months later, CRO is now $0.96 and still growing. My $4000 purchase to get access to the card is now worth $30,000! That’s an 7.38x gain in 6 months! Soon I will be able to upgrade to the $40,000 card from only spending $4000.

Staking Interest (CRO Stake Rewards)
The $4000usd tier and higher cards earn interest on your CRO stake paid out weekly to you. $4000 tier gets 10% APR and the higher tiers get 12% APR. This doesn’t mean that you get 10% return on your $4000, it’s actually much better than that! Lets say if CRO costs $1 per coin, you would end up getting 4000 CRO from your card stake purchase. This means you would get 7.7CRO every week for free(4000CRO x 10% / 52 weeks = 7.7CRO). See how its CRO you are getting back, not USD. The reason why this is so great is because if CRO goes to $2.5 a coin, you are still getting back the same 7.7CRO per week, but now instead of it being worth $7.7usd, it is now $19.25usd every week for free!

Personal Example:
When I first got the VISA card, $4000 got me 30,985CRO. Because I earn 10% interest, I get 60CRO for free every week. At today’s CRO value, that’s $57.6 every week for free! If I was getting 10% back on $4000 instead of CRO, I would only be getting $7.7 back.

Card Cashback: Cryptocurrency debit card is unparalleled to others. The CRO cashback feature is extremely high. From 1% to 8% cashback. This alone can generate you free cryptocurrency, and a lot of it too! The CRO cashback is deposited to you instantly after a purchase is made.

Personal Example:
I have a joke saying whenever I make a purchase, “This will be free, 3–5 years from now”. My first purchase when I got my card I was receiving 3% dollar amount equivalent back into CRO. I used my card on every single purchase I could do. Because CRO has experienced a 7.38x gain since I started using the card, that means those purchases I made a while back were actually not only 3% cashback but the equivalent to 22% cashback! (3% x 7.38 = 22%).

100% Cashback
You can get 100% cash back on Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Price. Higher Tiers also get access to 10% off Expedia and airbnb. This perk alone is well worth it without even anything else! With CRO price increases as well, you very well could be getting paid to have these services.

Personal Example:
Back when CRO was $0.13 and my Netflix monthly bill was $16.79, I received 129 CRO as a reimbursement by paying for Netflix with my card. Now, with the height of CRO being at $0.96, that means I got $123.84 back (129CRO x $0.96)! Not only did I receive Netflix for free, I was paid over $100 to have Netflix in the month!

Airport Lounge Access – LoungeKey
When you stake for the $4000 card and above, you get FREE access to all the LoungeKey airport lounges around the world. LoungeKey has more than 1,100 lounges in over 500 airports. It’s one of the largest airport lounge programs. They offer unlimited free food, drinks, alcohol (depending on location) and amazing areas to make travelling that much better.

Funding your Card
You can easily connect your bank account to the App and send money for free from your bank account to the app. From here you can purchase a stable coin with your deposited funds and add that onto the card for spending. You are also able to add cryptocurrency coins you hold and put it onto the card to spend as well. You are only able to spend what you put onto the card, so make sure you have enough topped onto the card to cover any purchases you are needing to do.

Spending limits:
This card operates as a prepaid credit card. Your initial stake you did to get access to the card is not included in what you can spend on the card. That stake is strictly just to get you access to the card.

Spend Limits:
USA: $25,000/month
Canada: $35,000/month
UK: £22,000/month
Europe: €25,000/month
Australia: $30,000/month


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