Community Conversations # 2- Engagement and Growth Secrets for Brand Communities

In our second edition of Community Conversations, @Tribe Community Platform spoke with two community experts, Pablo Gonzales and Anna Grigoryan. We discussed why community is important and how to scale your branded community. Their insightful industry experience provided strategies for increasing community membership and maintaining high levels of community engagement.

0:00 Introductions
5:31 Why should businesses consider brand communities?
11:20 How do you define your communities’ value proposition?
18:30 Why is my community not growing?
25:45 Growth strategies and tactics
33:40 My community is not growing. What can I do?
42:20 How to keep a community engaged and content fresh?
50:30 Closing Remarks

Do you want even more growth and engagement tips and strategies? Join our Campfire community.


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