Coinchange CEO Interview on Using Defi to Grow Wealth & Crypto Risks

Coinchange Financials Inc is a consumer Fintech company that generates yield for customers through blockchain-based financial instruments.

The company has created an automated crypto wealth management platform that automatically rebalances customer assets across five blockchains, fifteen protocols, and thirty pools to deliver optimal yields.

🪙 Coinchange CEO Maxim Galash (00:00)
⚠️ Crypto risk for Coinchange customers (00:48)
📈 Change in rate of interest (04:59)
💸 Coinchange value proposition (06:10)
🎲 What are the risks to clients/business? (09:24)
💼 Insurance or warranty? (10:54)
📉 What if bitcoin keeps crashing? (13:26)
📣 Recent company updates (15:19)


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