Coinbase Wallet Mining Pool Scam & How To Prevent Your Crypto From Getting Drained

Today, I will share with you how I almost got scammed and safely got away from it. I will also share with you how to remove the connections of the websites from your wallet to prevent them from draining or sucking all of your crypto in your Coinbase Wallet. The scammer willingly transferred $30 worth of ETH into my Coinbase Wallet to support the gas fees to receive the coupon in order to join the mining pool. Once you click receive coupon, you will actually give them the permission to deduct unlimited amount of USDT from your Coinbase Wallet.

00:00 | How it all begins
04:20 | How the scam works
05:00 | Into the trap
06:14 | I want out!!
06:55 | Research is the key
08:01 | I’m not the only one?
10:11 | Coinbase is a part of it
10:46 | How to cancel the connection from scam website to avoid getting drained

Scam exploits Coinbase Wallet app through DApp function :

How to cancel the connection from scam website to avoid your crypto getting drained :

Guy Explains Why You Should Avoid Crypto Mining Pool Scams On Twitter :

This is what happens when you respond to those accounts that pm you on twitter :

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