City Travel – Acoustic pop playlist by Victor Lundberg (Dayon) | 1h Epidemic Sound | NYC vlog music

Best of Victor Lundberg (Dayon)! Enjoy the big city vibes with this 1 hour Epidemic Sound calm acoustic pop playlist, with 17 of the best songs by Victor Lundberg (a.ka. Dayon) including In Bloom, Where We Started, I Fall, What I Really Feel and many more!

Use this playlist to relax and chill out, or maybe as background music for your next SF or NYC vlog! Thanks for watching Mellow Vibes Radio!

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🎼 Playlist:
00:00 Victor Lundberg feat. Matt Bloyd – I Want You to Stay
03:16 Victor Lundberg – Deep and Abiding
06:19 Victor Lundberg – I’m Not over You
10:14 Victor Lundberg – I Fall
13:36 Victor Lundberg – Grown Apart
16:52 Victor Lundberg feat. Robin Öman – For Someone like Me
21:13 Victor Lundberg – In Bloom
24:45 Victor Lundberg – Showed Me How to Heal
28:53 Victor Lundberg – It Will Be Fine in the End
32:25 Victor Lundberg feat. Steven Ellis – Best For You
36:07 Victor Lundberg – Where We Started
40:20 Victor Lundberg – I Did It All For You
43:20 Victor Lundberg – The Only One For Me
46:43 Victor Lundberg feat. Novou – Scattered in the Wind
49:53 Victor Lundberg – Weak In The Knees
53:40 Victor Lundberg – What I Really Feel
57:19 Victor Lundberg – Tell Me Should I’ve Known

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