Chitale Bandhu: Building a Food Brand Loved by Consumers | Consumer Foods | Indraneel Chitale

How has Chitale Bandhu grown as a brand? How has it evolved over time? What are the innovations and transformations of the brand’s journey?

Chitale Bandhu marks a very nostalgic phase for most of its loyal consumers.

Learn more about the brand’s story as we dive deep into it with the fourth generational partner of the Chitale Group, Indraneel Chitale exclusively on DASAR streaming now.

Read the full transcript:

00:00 Introduction
01:44 Journey of the brand
10:34 Brand Innovations
15:07 Joining the Family Business Legacy
18:31 Continuous Learning and Development
24:58 Digital Transformation Journey
37:49 Role of set routines in decision making
42:27 Importance of fitness routine & consistency
49:22 Governance structure in family businesses


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