Celsius is Done – Even if they rebrand and come back?

In this final video about #Celsius, we talk about:

1. #celshortsqueeze – still alive or dead?
2. #celshortsqueeze – Is FTX engaged in naked shorts?
3. #celsiusnetwork – But why did I do a 180 on my Celsius?
4. Why it isn’t OK for Alex Mashinsky to have failed?
5. Why mining won’t be filling any holes anytime soon.
6. Why I wouldn’t accept equity in Celsius if you paid me for it
7. Am I sending in my claims forms?

And finally, what’s next in crypto, as well as what’s coming up that has me so excited. HINT: it’s total random luck like a monkey picking your stocks.


00:00 Intro
00:27 Why this will be my final video about Celsius Network
00:52 #CelShortSqueeze – am I still IN?
01:40 Worrisome factors if you are a participant of the short squeeze
04:04 Is FTX engaged in naked shorts?
04:40 Am I still participating?
05:25 Two factors that no one is talking about wrt Short Squeeze
07:32 Am I going to allocate some of my portfolio to CeFi going forward?
08:08 Lakshay Behl detests hopium
08:28 Why I can never trust Celsius anymore
11:26 Am I a hypocrite for having made videos pro-Celsius in the past?
13:09 Why I believed in Celsius until Chapter 11 declaration
13:36 Where Celsius went wrong
13:36 A primer on crypto yield generation
15:05 People calling Mashinsky a scammer – were they right?
15:53 It’s the lies that disappoint
17:30 What were those lies that Chapter 11 exposed?
18:32 But at least they tried.
19:28 How bigger portfolios are different from smaller portfolios, and why it matters wrt Celsius
21:00 Businesses fail all the time. Don’t hold it against the entrepreneur.
21:29 “I just assumed there were high risk plays involved”
22:34 “hypocritical to support them one day and withdraw support the following day”
24:16 Mining will fill the hole in balance sheet
26:32 Somebody’s got a good plan for me.
27:14 The delusions are unstoppable
27:56 Celsius has lost trust
29:06 But did you ask for proof?
30:39 #CeFi is necessary and essential for new entrants to crypto
31:36 Claims forms and my position
32:50 Crypto markets – where am I headed?
36:09 New assets I’ll be researching and buying
36:48 Can a monkey beat your favorite gurus and influencers at crypto picks?
39:50 Conclusion and what’s coming next


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