Career Opportunities after GATE | Electronics Engineering | MADE EASY

GATE 2019 exams are now over and the aspirants are waiting for the results to come out. The biggest question in the minds of students is about the various career opportunities available after GATE. In this video, Mr. B. Singh (CMD, MADE EASY) is in conversation with subject matter experts of Electronics Engineering to discuss the career opportunities after GATE. Various questions like the procedure for the selection in PSUs and the procedure for CCMT have been discussed and answered in this video.

GATE, in recent times, has become a gateway to an exciting career for engineering graduates. A good GATE Score almost guarantees a good job in one of the best PSUs in India. Various premiere institutes of India also invite students for Post-Graduation courses on the basis of GATE Score. Watch this video to learn which PSUs hire students of which branch and on what score. Get to know about the specific details as the experts talk about the future prospects of joining a PSU or enrolling in an IIT.


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