Canada Visitor Visa New Portal 2022 | Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time | Dream Canada

I’ve explained about the Canada Visitor Visa new portal launched in 2022 and showed how to apply for your Canada visitor visa online through this new portal. Canada visitor visa processing time has always been long, but this new portal is faster and more streamlined to clear the backlogs of visitor visa applications.
You can even convert your Canada visitor visa to a work permit later on.

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Things explained in the video:
How to apply for Canada visitor visa online
Parents visitor visa for Canada
How to apply visitor visa for Canada
How to apply visitor visa for parents to Canada
Invitation letter for Canada visitor visa
SOP for visitor visa Canada
Canada visitor visa documents list
Canada visitor visa requirements
Canada visitor visa immigration questions
Canada visitor visa without sponsor
Canada visitor visa process
Canada visitor visa fees / cost
ArriveCAN app how to use
How to get ArriveCAN receipt

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