Can Writing A Travel Blog Fund Your Travels?

Can Writing A Blog Fund Your Travels? I explain how much I earn on my travel blog which is nearly 3 years old and how much you can expect to make writing your own travel blog.

It is not the easiest way to earn money for travel but it is a much more way of passive income.

What is this YouTube Channel About?
If you are looking at making money to travel or money on the road, this channel gives you all the information you need. Giving you the highs and lows of trying to fund your travels

Who Was Behind The Camera?
Known as the @FunnyBackpacker (Sean Brett), He is on a 10-year mission to travel the world in under a year. Confusing as it sounds, he just lives a travel life. Starting In Scotland and seeing Europe when he can. He funds this travel life using many methods, which he talks about on his YouTube Channel.

Where To Find More of The Funny Backpacker:
For more about the Funny Backpacker check out my website your find links to social media, Patreon, Funny articles, and lots of hidden bonus stuff.

Read my Diary for the most updated info on the Funny Backpacker:

Read my list of places visited since my 10-year journey started for Inspiration:

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