Building Multi-Generation Family Wealth: A Family Office's Secret | Lunch With Masters Of Finance

Taking lessons from over a decade of building and preserving wealth for Asia’s UHNW families, entrepreneur-investor Shirley Crystal Chua is creating a business to hopefully survive a century.

Shirley is Founder and Group CEO of Golden Equator, a holding group of eight synergistic businesses creating value within the finance, consulting and workspace sectors. Golden Equator Wealth is one of the first homegrown multi-family offices with clients in over 12 countries.

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00:00 Introduction
01:03 Generational thinking
02:23 Lessons from successful families
05:00 Asia’s Great Wealth Transfer
07:34 Rise of family offices
10:06 Personal business
12:06 Building a generational business
16:55 Opportunities in Brunei and Kazakhstan
19:17 3 underserved markets for the future

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About the show: Wine and dine with Asia’s leading investors and fund managers as they share future growth opportunities, investment strategies and insights on combining purpose and profit.
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