Boho Chic! Decor & DIY TikTok Compilation


Boho Chic! Decor & DIY TikTok Compilation

I’m head over heels over Bohemian decor! I’ve been inspired by TikTok to give my home an interior design renovation, and I am really loving the beachy boho chic look! I like the free-spirited and airy aesthetic of boho-themed interior design, and with the help of TikTok, I found some DIY and decor inspirations that I hope will also be inspiring to you!

The boho chic theme can be applied to any part of your house, whether it’s your living room or your bedroom! Don’t forget to throw in some accessories to bring the whole look together. I find that mixing and matching between textures and patterns can really liven up a room, and you can achieve these through accessories. Some of my favorite accessories include faux fur pillows, leather couches, and soft knit throws. Be sure to also include wicker furniture and accessories to bring more warmth into the room.

For colors, you’d want to stick with neutrals. White and warm colors allow the room to feel both clean and cozy.

I hope this video is helpful and inspiring, and happy decorating!

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