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Biomedical engineering is a branch that few people know about. And those who are aware also do not know much about it.

Actually, biomedical engineering is such a branch of engineering, in which together with the knowledge of biology and engineering, such technology is made, which is used in health services. That is, Artificial organs, medical information systems, and whatever instruments you see in the hospital, such as X Ray, ECU, ULTRA SOUND, tomography instruments etc. They are designed by the biomedical engineer itself.

So after knowing all this, we know that the demand of biomedical engineers will always be there in the whole world, and in the coming time, as technology is getting more advance, then the whole Their demand is increasing in the world.

In this video, we will tell you what career options you have after biomedical engineering. If you are doing biomedical engineering, or are thinking of doing it, then this video is made just for you.

In this video you will find the core jobs of biomedical engineers, advantages and disadvantages of these jobs, futher study options, how to become a biomedical engineer, and list of the best institutions in India, from where if you study biomedical engineering, your future is secure. Will go.

Looking at the time, now let’s start quickly

Number one, Designated as a Biomedical Engineer

If you work as a Biomedical Engineer, job in a company or institute, then your main job is to find solutions to biological problems of the world by your engineering knowledge and skills.

Some companies and institutes where biomedical engineers are in demand are

Wize enterprizes

Metro Hospital

Trimmed solutions

Lokpriya Hospital

Miot international

Apollo Hospital

Number two, the job of Instrument Engineer

After biological engineering, you can also be appointed as an instrument engineer. Their job is to design, update, and test different medical instruments used in diagnosis and treatment.

Some institutions where their demand remains, are

Nayara Energy Limited

Ion Exchange Limited

Biocon Biologics

People Strong Technologies

United HR Solutions

Aaxis Nano Technologies

Number three, job of Installation Engineer

As an installation engineer, you have to install large medical equipments such as CT scanner, MRI machine, etc. with the help of a team of technicians.

Major medical devices companies, which hire installation engineers, are

Medtronic Plc

Johnson and johnson

General Electric Company

Abbott Laboratories

Becton, Dickinson and Company

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Now let us know about the courses of biomedical engineering

First, let’s talk about undergraduate courses. There are four different undergraduate courses available for studying biomedical in India.

Number one, Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

Number two, BSC biomedical

Number three, BE, ie Bachelor of engineering in biomedical

Number four, B tech in Biomedical Engineering

After these courses, you have only four post graduation courses available.

Number one, PG diploma in engineering

Number two, MSc biomedical

Number three, ME, ie Masters in engineering in biomedical

Number four, m tech

Although in post graduation you can do specialization in the subject of your choice, but the specialization courses which have the highest demand are

Surgical Instruments and Medical Devices Engineering

Tissue Engineering

Biomaterials Engineering

Neural Engineering

Bio mechanics Engineering

Telehealth Communication Engineering

Biosignal Process Engineering

Medical image

Computational Modeling

If you want to get a doctoral degree, then you can also do M. Phil, and Ph.D.

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