Bilbao Spain Travel – Old Town Without Tourists (Spanish subtitles)

Bilbao Spain Travel – Old Town Without Tourists (Spanish subtitles)

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I was on a layover from the Camino de Santiago (Ruta Norte) in the Basque Country of northern Spain (País Vasco) to rest up from the arduous journey in August, 2020. I took some time to explore the amazing city of Bilbao Spain – another historical and beautiful city in a country full of history and beauty. Whilst exploring Casco Viejo (old town) a noticed there were hardly any tourists in a city that would normally be completely full of tourists in the month of August, especially Casco Viejo. Nonetheless, I take you through the colorful and narrow alleyways, past some interesting sites, and up a hill to a beautiful park that overlooks the city. I will have a second video of Bilbao that shows you the modern part of the city – and you won’t want to miss it. It is truly an incredible city and distinct from all other cities in Spain because of the mesh of modern and old architecture. Stay tuned…

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